Britannia – the failed state (Part 2 – DRAFT)



At the end
of the 50s AD Rome faced an unstable situation in both the north and west of
Britain. Caractacus had been defeated in Wales in 51 where Rome both the
Silures in the south and the Ordovices in the north. Paulinas was poised to
attack Anglesey – home to the druids and probably also full of refugees further
south in Wales. In the North, Rome had the hardest fighting yet to come. It had
already had to step in to assist Catimandua against her ex-husband, Venutius
(and was to do so again in 69). Eventually Rome managed to fully annex the
Brigantes in 71.

In the
Southeast they thought things were fairly settled. So, the events of 60/61 must
have come as a shock. We have dual sources on Boudicca: Tacitus and Cassius
Dio. But Tacitus was writing sometime around 100 and his father-in-law had

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