22 thoughts on “1591 map of the Champion

    1. Good Morning dear Simon. This was so nice I really felt I was there… I walked… I love UK, and my beautiful memories are all in there. I walked from the center of Devizes to where we stayed, and also I watched the road again from Salisbury to Devizes… green and green… how beautiful. Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia


  1. Yes it seems fine dear Simon. This blog is almost about your book, isn’t it? You have a wonderful photographs and I think you travel always, and you should make a new blog for only your photographs. Yes, I know you have many blogs but I almost confused and I can’t go them easily why I don’t know. Another new blog sounds good. By they way, you know, it is not easy to read your book there are two difficult points for me, one the subject, second my language.. But how I wish to read…. can you believe this? Be sure. How is going your book, I mean reaching to your readers, do you have readers? Do they discuss? As you can see I have many questions tonight… 🙂 But I always want to talk and to ask… I hope I didn’t make you bored. Thank you, have a nice evening, Love, nia

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    1. sorry this crazy keyboard marked as spam by accident – should have taken it back when i bought it; no good without an extension keyboard, jumps all over the place. will respond tomorrow. yes this blog is for my book.

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    1. https://lonewalkerwessex.wordpress.com/
      That links through to all the other blogs connected with my walk across the country
      such as the current one: https://heartlandofengland.wordpress.com/
      But there is often no link back to the main LONE WALKER page other than using the back browser – I keep meaning to address this but retrospectively it is a lot of work.
      Other blogs are usually when I have been on holiday and some of them are not even complete:
      e.g. https://mycenaeanargolid.wordpress.com/
      or https://simoninmadeira.wordpress.com/
      or https://simonindumbravita.wordpress.com/
      or even (incomplete and not updated – I will get around to at least sorting the POland ones out at some point….) https://oldphotos2016.wordpress.com/

      Photos take up a lot of space on WordPress – as you know!!!!

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      1. Thank you again dear Simon, I am follower of them now and I have already known some of your photographs, but there were some too that I missed. It was amazing voyage for me at my desk, this morning. I really wished to walk there with you. Have a great day, Love, nia


  2. On extension keyboard now – makes all the difference. Yes I am aware that the subject is obscure beyond predominantly Protestant countries and that the language used is sometimes deliberately a touch archaic

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