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David Joris & his alter ego, Jan van Brugge

David Joris (c. 1501 – 1556) was a theologian generally regarded as an Anabaptist but who actually went through several separate phases over the course of his life and who is sometimes cited as the…

Source: David Joris & his alter ego, Jan van Brugge

The Hiëlist schism of 1573 in the Family of Love’s history and its impact on English Familism (1)

Although later central to the schism and defection which tore the Family of Love in two, Hendrik Jansen Van Barrefelt was one of the first members of Hendrik Niclaes’ Family of Love to be mentioned…

Source: The Hiëlist schism of 1573 in the Family of Love’s history and its impact on English Familism (1)

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Van Barrefelt & Pieter van der Borcht

In 1584 a series of Biblical images by Pieter van der Borcht were published with trilingual (Dutch, French and Latin) commentaries written by Van Barrefelt (under the pseudonym of Renatus Christianus). It is presumably these two volumes which Van Barrefelt mentions elsewhere as essential reading.

1) – A book called the Ackerschat or the Treasure Book ;
2) – A book with Epistles or Missives in two parts;
3) – A book called A spiritual journey of a young man with some other things annexed to it;
4) – A book called the Mystery of the eternity of Christ;
5) – A declaration upon the apocalypse or the revelation of Saint John;
6) – A book called the Ground-peace;
7) and 8) – Two books on the Biblical figures ;
9) – A little book of spiritual songs and prayers;
10) – A Testament betwixt the Deity and humanity.

Van der Borcht undertook engravings for frontispieces for the Plantin publishing house in Antwerp (amongst many other engravers) from the early 1570s to at least the early 1590s.