The unusual case of the Antinomian John Traske and his Philo-Judaism

John Traske is one of the most confusing and complex radical theologians of early seventeenth century England. Interesting enough as an example of early Antinomianism, it was not his Antinomian the…

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Doctrine of Election (1)

The Doctrine of Election, the Signs and the Means on the English Radical Fringe, 1560 – 1660 Please note: this essay can be downloaded in PDF format in the DOWNLOADS section. Introduction: the Elec…

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Brierley’s arrest & the 50 charges at York


Charge 1
1 A motion riseing from the spirit is more to be rested in, then (sic) the word it selfe; neither Dare they take their ground from the word, because the devil may wrest it to his purpose.
Charge 2
2. It is a sinne to believe the word, as it is the word, without a motion of the spirit