Grindleton talk (March 2016)

BRIERLEY’S ARRIVAL IN GRINDLETON / GODLY CONTEXT Click on the link below to download a PDF. Brierley’s arrival THEOLOGIA GERMANICA AND THE NATURE OF PERFECTION Click on the link below to download a…

Source: Grindleton talk (March 2016)

Doctrine of Election on the Protestant Fringe 1560 -1660

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Review of An Introduction to Quakerism by Pink Dandelion

An exploration of the diversity within the Quaker faith By Mr. Simon J. Kyte on 22 Jan. 2008 Format: Paperback The traditional interpretation of the birth of Quakerism is associated with the series…

Source: Review of An Introduction to Quakerism by Pink Dandelion

Brierley’s arrest & the 50 charges at York


Charge 1
1 A motion riseing from the spirit is more to be rested in, then (sic) the word it selfe; neither Dare they take their ground from the word, because the devil may wrest it to his purpose.
Charge 2
2. It is a sinne to believe the word, as it is the word, without a motion of the spirit


Brierley’s arrival (PDF download)

Sometime in early 1615 or before, some 20 years after these local enclosure maps, the chapelry of Grindleton (still part of Mitton and at least partly subservient to Waddington) decided to pay a new curate and chose, on the face of it, an entirely unremarkable character; a non-graduate, the son of a husbandman farmer from Rochdale…



Magic squares & Kabbalism in N England!

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