Some charges levelled against Roger Brierley – Work in progress

‘Certaine erroneous opinions gathered from the mouth of Bryerley and his hearers’ [Work in progress – because in a while I will probably post the list of all FIFTY charges. These are some of …

Source: Some charges levelled against Roger Brierley – Work in progress

Brierley’s arrest & the 50 charges at York


Charge 1
1 A motion riseing from the spirit is more to be rested in, then (sic) the word it selfe; neither Dare they take their ground from the word, because the devil may wrest it to his purpose.
Charge 2
2. It is a sinne to believe the word, as it is the word, without a motion of the spirit


Grindleton 08.03.16

Ok a rough run-through of tomorro’s presentation in Grindleton is now on the site and downloadable.

If you are attending, please don’t download it!

If you are a thousand miles away, please feel free to do so. There are a few things that need changing and the recording between slides is a bit of a silent mess.

Does anyone know if I can embed this on the page?

To download click on the link, wait a few minutes and then open, click on SLIDE SHOW and run from BEGINNING. make sure you have speakers connected.