Some charges levelled against Roger Brierley – Work in progress

‘Certaine erroneous opinions gathered from the mouth of Bryerley and his hearers’ [Work in progress – because in a while I will probably post the list of all FIFTY charges. These are some of …

Source: Some charges levelled against Roger Brierley – Work in progress

The Theologia, Brierley & the Grindletonians

During James I’s reign, an extraordinary text found its way into England. It had originally been written centuries earlier, probably by a monk in a monastery in the Frankfurt area. It was especiall…

Source: The Theologia, Brierley & the Grindletonians

Matthew’s introduction

This typical Northern sky, an assortment of clouds – white, grey, black, the purple of some Archbishop’s garments , sometimes even yellow, occasionally a wall of pleated maroon, and patches of divi…

Source: Matthew’s introduction

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