Brierley’s mother’s will



Bingley & Manchester

Little attention has been given to the longer timeframe in Northern England with many content to place Brierley in the milieux feeding Seekerism and Quakerism. Things are rarely that straightforward.
The centre of attention should perhaps shift eastwards rather than northwards. A good place to start might be Collyer and the Guiseley area.
Not far away, in Bingley an ‘Antinomian Exercise’ came into being with familiar participants and less familiar ones who slot into place….


…There is one obvious omission from the above: Shaw is nowhere to be seen!



Brierley’s arrest & the 50 charges at York


Charge 1
1 A motion riseing from the spirit is more to be rested in, then (sic) the word it selfe; neither Dare they take their ground from the word, because the devil may wrest it to his purpose.
Charge 2
2. It is a sinne to believe the word, as it is the word, without a motion of the spirit


Magic squares & Kabbalism in N England!

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In case you have not seen it: