Eclipse 2

Although there are many solar eclipses, there have been very few total solar eclipses visible from Northwest England

There were none between 1598 and 1652. Furthermore, although there were total solar eclipses visible in Scotland and Southern England in the intervening years, the next total eclipse visible from this part of the northwest of England was very probably the disappointingly cloudy day of 29th June 1925 on which totality lasted only a few seconds.

There had been a number of separate predictions for eclipses which did not take place or which were only partial eclipses and not viewable across the whole of the country. Of particular note is William Lilly’s ‘Merlini Anglici Ephemeris or predictions upon severall eclipses and celestiall configurations for the yeare 1649’. Lilly also made a prediction for the partial eclipse of 1648.

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