16 thoughts on “Salisbury to Cranborne via Chalke Valley / Martin Down

  1. I this a tea home in the first one, there was a place like that, in Burley, near Bournemouth. It was a beautiful tea cafe and so delicious cookies with jam. Reminded me. Thank you, Love, nia


      1. Salisbury… yes I know, we went to there, because of Devizes… you know we stayed in Devizes… Between Salisbury and Devizes the bus travel was amazing, green fields, forests, and old houses… loved so much. Thanks dear Simon, and good evening, Love, nia

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    1. Nope. My ancestors on my father’s side were from there before the industrial revolution. The village is called Tilshead. But it is very strange for me because the name is not common. But when you go there the name is everywhere – the vicar is Kyte, the petrol station is Kyte, the war memorial is full of Kyte etc….

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  2. Thank you for details, actually I noticed this Kite but I didn’t know the relation. Really interesting dear Simon, you love to search these kind of historical knowledges… actually I love too. Love, nia

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