nice morning

Such a nice one – shame to be stuck on this bus.

May walk some of the way to work


23 thoughts on “nice morning

    1. well i took the bus to the park and ride – that is 5.5 miles and took one hour. did the last two miles along the river. beautiful cold sub-zero morning – but no camera with me not even tablet. geese, cox crews etc. but that took another 25 mins

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  1. I can imagine… I mean the view along the river but but I can’t imagine the traffic in there! Walking is better. Do you know, I really miss to be there, I mean in Devizes… it was so beautiful, in nature a lovely town…

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      1. I will try to remember to take it tomorrow. I can’t believe how long it is taking me. I used to be 26 miles from work – managed it in 55 mins. Now I am 8 from work and I am NOT managing it in that time.

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      2. I mean, you are complaining about the traffic and I say, I am sure my city İstanbul is terrible than yours… 🙂 did you understand, my husband’s office is a place you can go normally in 15 minutes but because of the traffic he goes every day to office and back home more then one hours… 🙂


      3. ah yes, i understand. i know istanbul’s traffic is mad. but i used to manage London every day from Tunbridge Wells inside 85 minutes each way – so it seems really stupid to be doing nearly as much time on a bus to go 8 miles

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      1. Dear Simon, the ciy is very big and has many options, some place are really too expensive, for example in both sides of Bosphorus, so why I asked you where… 🙂


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