26 thoughts on “Abingdon Bridge

    1. Yeah I get used to temperatures – but the problem is then I have to sit all day in this place – which in effect is around 13C hotter. But Monday night will be very cold. Last night was not so cold – only fell to around 4C

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  1. “There have been reported sightings of the ghostly apparition of an unidentified woman’s head and arms beneath the water flowing under the bridge.”
    I have read it on wikipedia now 🙂 Have you see too this ghost lady? Interesting.

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    1. Not yet. There are supposed to be many such things where I live. The bit of wall you see on the left is the edge of the old gaol built by Napoleonic French prisoners – just further down was the gibbet (place for execution) … so a lot of unhappy deaths around there.

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