Sabbath of the Great Silence

That was his aim at any rate: to seek solace in the natural world, away from us, away from news of Bourne in Manchester, away from stinking humanity, that corrupt corporeal cavern that was everywhere, rotted to nothing, not only without redemption but without even any hope of it in his new Godless world where Salvation by Christ’s grace was mere dung and fable! His mind was to set a good pace and just keep going until he had lost all contact with the base World.

That was his intent. The reality was nearly always very different. In fact he would rarely get very far because the pains that he tried to forget soon caught up with him and brought his agility to a standstill …and then limping home, awaiting comforts prepared by his wife. I feared most that perhaps he might be reported for it and fall into some sort of trouble, perhaps saying something foolhardy to add to his problems. I did not think he was completely beyond that!


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