A problem I missed – & I am still confused

Here is the problem. In the novel Brierley has an elder brother called Thomas. He even pops over to Grindleton with the odd rabbit from Marland. But you can see above that he is a misidentification – which just shows that even when something should be obvious…. I had Thomas down as having been born Feb 1592, Marland, Rochdale, Lancashire; d. 1635, Marland (buried Rochdale). He still cannot be entirely irrelevant to Brierley’s life – just the wrong birth identification.
When Thomas died in 1635, he appointed Roger Brierley to be the Governor of his children – Thomas, Abraham and Alice, who were all minors at the time. The parish records for Rochdale seem to indicate that they were approximately six, four and two respectively. There may well have been a fourth minor child (Mary) by the time the will was proved. However, from the will it would appear that Katherine (née Wroe, married Oct 1626) was still alive. Thomas Brierley’s inventory was undertaken by James Marland, Richard Brierley, Thomas Brierley and James Tailor (sic). Abel’s 1637 will (i.e. Roger’s younger brother) bequeathed his interest in a farm in Oldham to Thomas’ children, Thomas and Abraham.
Annoying for me …. but I guess, historically, open questions remain the most interesting!


for the full discussion see…


…and don’t let a small technicality ruin things for you!

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